2AM Im Seulong Enlisted to Military Service

Singer and actor Im Seulong (30) will undergo military service.

Im Seulong joined the local army training center on August 28 and serves as an active duty after five weeks of basic military training.

An official said, “I want to go quietly on that day.”

Image Source : Singles Magazine

Im Seulong, who debuted as a 2AM member in 2008, moved to Sidus HQ when his exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment ended in 2015, and he continues acting activities.

He appeared on the ‘Love Cells Season 2’ web drama in 2015 and last year’s SBS TV drama ‘Mrs. Cop 2’ and other dramas.

As a singer, he also released the single ‘That Moment’ in January this year, and single ‘You’ featuring Beenzino in June. On May 5, he also became a pianist in ‘2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games’ with Coca-Cola in Busan.