Lee Dong Wook Will Be In So You and Sung Si Kyung’s Music Video

Actor Lee Dong Wook will be appearing in a music video clip from former Sista member, So You’s first solo album.

On the 8th, So You’s agency Starship Entertainment revealed that Lee Dong Wook has finished filming the music video for ‘An Obvious Farewell’ which will release on the 16th. Lee Dong Wook listens to a song or reads a book with blank stares, and he acts as someone who is going to face a breakup.

Image Source : Starship Entertainment

The shoot is done because Lee Dong Wook promised to appear in the music video of So You who has appeared in Lee Dong Wook’s Asian fan meeting as a guest star.

‘An Obvious Farewell’ is a duet song from ‘The Digital Queen of Music’ So You and ‘Ballad Legend’ Sung Si Kyung. This work is very much awaited by fans because it fits winter atmosphere. People are curious on how the song will get results in the music chart. The song was written and arranged by Producing Team 13 (Score, Megaton) who had participated in the song ‘Yesterday’ Block B, ‘Ordinary Love’ Park Kyung, and others.