‘Temperature of Love’ Episodes 29 and 30, “Love Hurts” Yang Se Jong’s Sad Ending

On the 7th of Monday-Tuesday drama SBS ‘Temperature of Love’ episodes 29 and 30, On Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong) was saddened seeing Lee Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin) and Park Jung Woo (Kim Jae Wook) with her family.

On the previous episode, On Jung Sun’s mother, Yoo Young Mi, loaned money from Park Jung Woo and was shocked to find out about Hyun Soo and Jung Sun’s relationship. Lee Hyun Soo tried to find out On Jung Sun’s family history but On Jung Sun refused to discuss his complex family issues. Lee Hyun Soo could not bear her own pain, while On Jung Sun did not want to share his story and did not like Hyun Soo meeting his mother.

Image Source : SBS

That day, new problems arose and hit On Jung Sun. Lee Hyun Soo’s mother’s health deteriorated and had to be immediately operated. Lee Hyun Soo tried to find all sorts of ways for his mother to be operated more quickly. Seeing the incident, On Jung Sun decided something big for Lee Hyun Soo’s confusion. He went to his father’s doctor, On Hae Kyung. On Jung Sung asked On Hae Kyung to operate on Lee Hyun Soo’s mother. Earlier On Hae Kyung said to her, “Why are you so proud to choose your mom or dad?” And make On Jung Sun show hid angry expression. But he first came to see On Hae Kyung first to help the woman he loves, Lee Hyun Soo.

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On Hae Kyun was reluctant to help him if Hyun Soo is not the woman to marry On Jung Sun and refused his request, finally On Jung Sun could not help Lee Hyun Soo. Lee Hyun Soo’s mother can get the surgery quickly due to help from Park Jung Woo. Without knowing that, when Hyun Soo’s mother’s day will be operated on, he diligently prepared lunch for Hyun Soo’s family and visited the hospital. But On Jung Sun’s step stopped at the door. He realized Park Jung Woo always helps Hyun Soo in her tough times. He saw Park Jung Woo talking and being familiar with Hyun Soo’s family. He realized there was no room for him, when the door closed, his eyes filled with tears and made the audience sad.

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From On Jung Sun’s point of view who saw Park Jung Woo being treated very kindly by Lee Hyun Soo’s family is quite a sad ending considering he was also trying to do his best for Lee Hyun Soo. Yang Se Jong’s sad eyes witnessed the people making the audience sympathetic to him. The narrative that said, “Today we cannot eat together” and the footage of On Jung Sun preparing food with a serious face, makes us know that On Jung Sun was hurt just by listening to his voice. His lonely expression when closing the door makes viewers amazed by the sad ending.