Want a Beautiful Skin Like Krystal, Yoona, and Suzy? Follow These Tips!

What do your female idols have in similarity? They are all beautiful, of course. However, each idol has their own charms. Krystal, Yoona, and Suzy have similar attractive points, for example, innocent, sweet, or sexy, but they also have one similarity, which is a flawless and bright skin.

Do you want your face to look beautiful like Krystal, Suzy, and Yoona? CastKo is giving you some tips to achieve clean skin just like these three female idols.

1. Krystal f(x): Use Moisturizing Cream

Image source: ETUDE HOUSE
Image source: ETUDE HOUSE

Krystal possesses not only a pretty face, but also a beautiful skin. She’s known to have a skincare routine in order to achieve her flawless skin condition, and one tips that she always recommend girls and women is to use a good moisturizing cream.

Like our body, our skin needs nutrients to keep it healthy and flawless. If you want to have a great skin just like Krystal, make sure to include a moisturizing cream into your skincare routine to keep it moisturized for a long time.

2. Yoona SNSD: Cleansing

Image source: innisfree
Image source: innisfree

Members of girlgroup Girl’s Generation are known to be the top stars of Korea, and all of them have very beautiful skin, including Yoona, who always attracts attention with her wonderful look.

If you want to have a firm skin like Yoona, the first thing that you have to pay attention is to always cleanse your face with a facial wash at the end of the day. This is important, especially if you’re traveling in winter. You have to keep your skin from drying. It’s better to choose a facial wash with vegetables extract which has good nutrients and will make your skin feels softer.

3. Suzy: Night Routine

Image source: THEFACESHOP
Image source: THEFACESHOP

Suzy is a member of girlgroup Miss A who’s well known for her beautiful skin in the Korean entertainment industry. If you want to achieve a beautiful skin like Suzy, make sure to do a night skincare routine before you go to sleep. You can use a mask or put night cream on your face which will get absorbed into your skin while you sleep. If you do this often, you will feel the effect in the morning.

Easy, isn’t it? Everyone can do these easy tips to achieve a beautiful and amazing skin just like our female idols.

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