‘Lucky Romance’ Filming Location at Hwaseong Fortress in Gyeonggi Province

The comedy drama ‘Lucky Romance’ starring Ryu Jun Yeol (Je Soo Ho) who is the CEO of the game company and Hwang Jung Eum (Shim Bo Nui) someone who believes in the prophecy.

Image Source : MBC

‘Lucky Romance’ is a reinterpreted drama of a webtoon with the same title that gained a lot of love in the past year. Ryu Jun Yeol who gained much attention through the drama ‘Reply 1988’ became the beloved main character.

Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Jun Yeol had a sweet first date. For the first time, Hwaseong Castle is used as a place for dating. In this drama, the two main actors spend their time riding bikes around Hwaseong Fortress.

Image Source : MBC

Ryu Jun Yeol also rescued Hwang Jung Eum by passing the bridge in front of Hwaseong Fortress. Ryu Jun Yeol who has a phobia against water also suffering from pain.

Hwaseong Fortress is a fort built at the end of the Joseon era. Hwaseong’s fortress is so beautiful and artistic with a variety of weapons from war.

Image Source : MBC

Characteristics of Hwaseong fortress is a meeting between eastern and western architecture. Although built with oriental architectural style, the fort is also equipped with a touch of western architecture and construction equipment. A book records all of Hwaseong’s proud architectural processes.

From the start of the designer, the materials used to the trivial things that occurred during the construction process are recorded in the book ‘Uigwe for the Construction of Hwaseong Fortress’. Thanks to this notebook, the war-ravaged Hwaseong Fortress was perfectly reconstructed.

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