‘Temperature of Love’ The Way Yang Se Jong Expresses His Love Towards Seo Hyun Jin

On the 13th, Monday-Tuesday’s drama SBS ‘Temperature of Love’ episodes 31 and 32, Lee Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin) and On Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong) are trying hard to maintain their relationship, but both are always fighting and sad.

Jung Sun was preparing a nice soup for Hyun Soo’s mother who just got a surgery. For the sake of her operation, Jung Sun went to his father who was a doctor to ask for help despite failing. He tried his best. But his efforts did not go well. When he visited Hyun Soo’s mother at the hospital, he saw Park Jung Woo (Kim Jae Wook) with Hyun Soo’s family. Finally he did not go into the room and just look at them from a distance.

Image Source : SBS

Jung Sun tried to convey sincerity in his own way. But despite his efforts, his relationship with Hyun Soo was still not good.

Lee Hyun Soo came to On Jung Sun’s place and said, “Why do I feel lonely when I have a lover?” While On Jung Sun finally revealed what he to hide and did not want to share with Hyun Soo. “I’m trying to keep this relationship” Jung Sun started to tear up.

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All of On Jung Sun’s feelings become clearer for his conversation with Choi Won Jun (Sim Hee Sub). “Anything I can easily tell you, but why not with Hyun Soo?” he asked. With a light smile Choi Won Jun replied “When we love, we want to look good. We just want to show the good and cover up the bad stuff.” Won Jun understands Jung Sun’s feelings. Looking good and covering up the sadness are Jung Sun’s way to love Hyun Soo.

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Yang Se Jong expressed every dialogue with strong acting and emotion. Starting from the gaze when he heard Hyun Soo’s mother feel uncomfortable with him and his father’s hand was up and ready to hit him. At the end of the episode, On Jung Sun brought a ring and went to meet Lee Hyun Soo at her house. ‘Temperature of Love’ airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10pm.