Joo Won – BoA and Lee Min Ho – Suzy, The Entertainers Who Just Split Up

The entertainers began to announce their break-ups. On the 9th, model Han Hye Jin and Cha Woo Chan from Samsung Lions revealed their relationship has ended. Han Hye Jin and Cha Woo Chan just announced their relationship in May. The relationship of the top model and the national baseball player got a warm welcome. After that, Han Hye Jin mentioned her boyfriend Cha Woo Chan on MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ and boasted her relationship with him, but apparently their love only lasted for 6 months.

Image Source : CeCi, National Geographic

After that, on the 13th actor Joo Won and singer BoA also announced their break-up. Joo Won’s agency Huayi Brothers conveyed, “Joo Won and BoA have broken up”, while BoA’s agency SM Entertainment also confirmed, “The two have broken up.” Previously Joo Won and BoA knew each other through their respective agencies and announced their relationship in January.

Image Source : Esquire, Cosmopolitan


On the 16th, Lee Min Ho and Suzy also officially decided to end their relationship. Lee Min Ho’s agency MYM Entertainment said, “We have confirmed their break up news. The exact time and reason for breaking up cannot be revealed because it is their personal matters.” Suzy’s agency JYP Entertainment also gave a statement, “Suzy and Lee Min Ho have broken up.”

In March 2015, they admitted their relationship and received a lot of support from fans as a star couple. When the news was reported, the two had been dating for a month. After that, despite much news about the break-up, they always denied and continued their relationship. Since May 12, Lee Min Ho has been doing community service in Gangnam-gu, Seoul while Suzy is starring in SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’.