‘Black’ Episode 12, Go Ah Ra Was Killed By the Enemy? Song Seung Hun Getting Desperate

Song Seung Hun ‘Black’ gradually began to reveal secrets related to the characters. It is implied that Go Ah Ra will be killed in the next episode, making the audience curious. On the 9th in Saturday-Sunday drama OCN ‘Black’ episode 12, depicted the struggle of Kang Ha Ram (Go Ah Ra) to chase the serial killer.

Image Source : OCN

Kang Ha Ram found out about Wang Young Chun’s identity, “I saved him twice. What if he killed someone else?” Han Moo Kang (Song Seung Hun) thought the woman is crazy “but you will die” he said, but he still helped Kang Ha Ram.

But with the help of Wang Young Chun, Yoon Soo Wan wanted to stop Han Moo Kang from involvement. Finally, Han Moo Kang revealed to Kang Ha Ram that he is not Kim Joon that he knew and he is dead. Kang Ha Ram who knows this truth said “Disgusting” while criticizing him.

Image Source : OCN

Oh Man Soo and Na Kwang Kyun are getting closer to the truth. In order to reveal a case related to his sister, Oh Man Soo got directions from his father. Na Kwang Kyun heard Kim Joon’s past from his mother and found out Han Moo Kang is investigating Kim Joon’s death case.

Image Source : OCN

At the end of the episode, Han Moo Kang and Kang Ha Ram found out that the cause of death of Kang Ha Ram’s father is Wang Young Chun. To confirm this truth, Kang Ha Ram met her brother and chased after Wang Young Chun. Han Moo Kang is a bit late knowing this, and it is implied that Kang Ha Ram is likely to have been killed and increasingly making his drama awaited.