The Secrets of Song Hye Kyo’s Beautiful Skin, Cleansing with Milk

Recently, the representative of beautiful Korean lady Song Hye Kyo tells her beauty secret which is using milk as her daily cleanser. Song Hye Kyo’s baby skin secrets come from using milk to cleanse skin.

Image Source : Laneige

Cleansing with milk not only has the advantage of being a moisturizer. Milk is also effective to remove blackheads from the entire face. Even in the summer, cleansing the face with milk can help to secrete melamine pigments to brighten the skin with spots.

Cleansing the face with milk is simple and effective. The trick is to soak the cloth in warm milk, then put on the face for 20 minutes and let the liquid milk to absorb the skin and then massage the face slowly. When done, rinse with cold water.

However, if the skin is in trouble such as acne skin or oily skin, you should avoid this treatment because it can cause new problems because milk contains fat. If you do not have serious problems, wash your face with milk after cleaning the oil on the skin and rinsed with cold water.

Image Source : Laneige

Song Hye Kyo knows how to take care of her skin using milk more effectively to remove chemical products such as bleach and keratin. The result is the skin will feel smooth and brighten the skin color.

After cleansing the face using milk, it is recommended to use a moisturizing cream. You will also have beautiful skin like Song Hye Kyo by cleaning your face with milk.

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