Kim So Yeon Made an Appearance as Cameo in ’20th Century Boys and Girls’ for Her Husband, Lee Sang Woo

Actor Kim So Yeon is reportedly appearing in the last episode of MBC’s drama ’20th Century Boy and Girl’ for the sake of her husband, Lee Sang Woo. Kim So Yeon acts as director Kim who will direct the latest work of Sa Jin Jin (Han Ye Seul) and Anthony (Lee Sang Woo) in the drama.

Image Source : MBC

The appearance of Kim So Yeon in ’20th Century Boy and Girl’ is because the majority of staff involved in the drama are also involved in ‘Happy Home’ including PD Lee Dong Yoon, who has raised her name and her husband Lee Sang Woo. She expressed her wish to accept it because of her friendship with the staff.

In the still-cut released, director Kim greeted Anthony for the first time. His expression was cold, and Anthony’s exhausted appearance after the shooting was more awaited by the audience. At the end of the drama, Anthony wanted to retire and raised curiosity about what reaction Kim will give.

Image Source : MBC

The production team said, “In the midst of the love story of Sa Jin Jin and Gong Ji Won (Kim Ji Suk), Anthony meets with director Kim. The process of anger representation will add excitement to the story than it is imagined. The drama will show Lee Sang Woo and Kim So Yeon’s acting skills. Please look forward to the final episode of ’20th Century Boy and Girl’. “

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