Park Hyung Sik Debuts on The Big Screen and Co-Acts with Han Ji Min

Actor Park Hyung Sik will debut on the big screen through the recent work of director Heo Jin Ho.

Image Source : UAA

Director Heo Jin Ho is known as ‘King of Melo’ in the film industry with subtle emotions and direction, making the film ‘Two Rays of Light’ which is a melo that tells about Soo Yeong and In Soo who met at the photography club and became close.

Park Hyung Sik shines after playing a role in ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’, and this is the first time he appears on the big screen.

Image Source : SURE

Park Hyung Sik plays the role of In Soo, a man who falls in love with the courage and passion of Soo Young. Han Ji Min will portray a character named Soo Young, an aroma therapist who hides her vision disorder with a bright smile and confidence. In 2016 Han Ji Min played in the movie ‘Age of Shadows’ and depicted a powerful image.

Heo Jin Ho, Han Jin Min, and Park Hyung Sik’s meeting is awaited through the film ‘Two Rays of Light’ in December.