Beauty Tips for Bright Skin Like Park Shin Hye, Park Min Young, and Lee Sung Kyung

How to brighten skin easily? Park Shin Hye, Park Min Young, and Lee Sung Kyung are actresses who have whites and transparent who are loved in Korea as well as abroad. Transparent skin is born from consistent brightening treatment. We will give tips on how to brighten your skin.

STEP 1. Skin Protection – Sun Cream

Bleaching treatment requires more attention and patience than other treatments. Dark spots that make skin dull due to the formation of melanin in the skin for a long time. The fundamental treatment is to apply sunscreen so that it is not exposed to too much ultraviolet light.

Image Source : gatha

This prevents the excessive formation of new melanin on the skin. Instead, use sunscreen after morning skin care and apply periodically from time to time. Sunscreen can block ultaviolet light and is the most basic whitening stage.

STEP 2. Foam Cleansing dan Scrubbing

If you want to make skin tone lighter, should scrub our skin. Excessive scrub can irritate the skin and cause side effects, but a proper scrub can remove old keratin and sebum and make the skin glow.

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When sun screen is applied properly, sebum on the skin can be excessive and disappear. It is advisable to remove sebum during the cleaning phase. Use a hypoallergenic scourer that can reduce irritation to the skin that usually occurs frequently in the cleaning phase.

STEP 3.  Massage Cream

The core of having a bright skin is healthy and moist. If you want to make the skin moist, massage the skin for blood circulation. If the blood circulation in the skin goes well, the skin is more shiny and looks moist. Using a massage cream that does not irritate the skin can make the skin moist without damage.

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First, after washing your face properly, wipe it with toner. Then apply massage cream evenly and massage gently for 3 ~ 5 minutes. After that it is sucked with fingers to help circulate the skin and help make skin whiter and transparent.