From Yoona to Irene, The Visuals of K-Pop Girl Groups

Among girl group members, there are many members who have a beauty like a goddess. This member is the visual center representing the group. Here are group members who become the visual of their group.


Image Source : SM Entertainment

Yoona is a member of girl group Girls’ Generation who has breathtaking visuals in the group. Yoona has attracted attention with her extraordinary beauty since her debut. Yoona’s beauty attracted attention with her bright smile and her innocent charm. Yoona has now demonstrated her ability to reach the acting world.

Onstage, Yoona shows her impressive appearance, but her perfect beauty is also reflected when she becomes an actress.


Image Source : SM Entertainment



Irene is known as the ‘cool beautiful woman’. Irene has a perfect beauty ratio, and her beauty that emits ‘light’ is seen whenever and wherever, in a plain and cute atmosphere.

Irene also has a distinctive beauty because it has a clean white skin, red lips and round eyes. Irene refined the Red Velvet concept in her way. What’s more, whenever Red Velvet releases a teaser for a comeback, fans will be amazed by Irene’s ever-growing beauty from day to day. Irene is the most visible visual group in the photo or on stage.


Image Source : JYP Entertainment

Twice’s youngest member has attracted public attention with her beauty since her debut. Since debut until now, Tzuyu gets attention every year with perfect beauty proposition.

Tzuyu has the beauty of a doll, she has a small face that has perfect ears, eyes, mouth and nose. Tzuyu has a more charming and beautiful face while on stage.


Image Source : YG Entertainment

Jisoo is a member of the girl group Blackpink has a charming character with beautiful appearance. Since the teaser photo when she debuted with Balckpink, Jisoo has attracted attention with her outstanding beauty.

If Irene is a cool beautiful woman, Jisoo is a beautiful warm woman. On television shows, Jisoo increasingly shows off her 4D personality. Jisoo often shows her beautiful smile and becomes the goddess of girl group. Like Yang Hyun Suk, Jisoo is a beautiful woman who represents YG.