After the Announcement of Seoul Publicity Song by BTS, Homepage Server Down

On the 6th, at 12:05 pm the Seoul Tourisme Homepage website ( has server down. It happened after 5 minutes Seoul Publicity Song ‘With Soul’ by BTS was announced on the website. The server was down for 3 hours and returned to normal around 3 pm. This is the first time a website created in 2001 has experienced it.

The Seoul Metropolitan Office that handles the homepage said, “Usually there are only a few hundred connections, but there are 2000 people accessing at the same time and the server was down.”

Image Source : Korean Tourisme Organization

Pemerintahan Seoul menandatangani kontrak dengan model BTS pada bulan Mei tahun ini. Hal itu terjadi sebelum BTS menjadi global grup seperti sekarang. Dilaporkan bahwa pembayarannya pun tidak besar.

Setelah bulan lalu tampil dalam ‘Amerikan Music Awards 2017’ dan talkshow di tv internasional, bayaran mereka melejit.

Image Source : Korean Tourisme Organization

‘With Seoul’ is a song that started to create a promotional idea and was sung by Super Junior and SNSD in 2009. BTS and Big Hit Entertainment’s agency leader Bang Si Hyuk started working together in August. The government does not separate the pay for promotion. ‘With Seoul’ MV will be on the Seoul youtube channel ( starting on the 13th.