‘Black Knight’ Episode 3, There Is No Honest And Brighter Man Than Kim Rae Won

On the 13th, in Wednesday-Thursday’s drama KBS2 ‘Black Knight’ episode 3, depicted Moon Soo Ho (Kim Rae Won) who was too quick to express his love to Jung Hae Ra (Shin Se Kyung). Moon Soo Ho bought an old house Hanok with Jung Hae Ra, now both live together in Moon Soo Ho’s Guest House. Jung Hae Ra and her aunt are looking for a guest house to occupy as long as they save their house and are surprised when meeting Moon Soo Ho there. Moon Soo Ho smiled as he said, “So starting today, we live together?”

Image Source : KBS

Jung Hae Ra asked Moon Soo Ho “That’s your real name?” Moon So Ho responded with “Why? Your face is shocked as if hearing the name of first love?” “Why do not you show up? I am waiting. I know you will not come but,” Moon Soo Ho talked about his last day in Slovenia. “You know then why I come?” Hae Ra replied sarcastically. “Why do you think I’m coming? It’s a task for you until tomorrow morning,” Moon Soo Ho said.

Moon Soo Ho expressed his feelings honestly. “Are you uncomfortable? Is this because of self-esteem? I feel happy,” said Soo Ho. “In Korea, poor woman is not attractive,” Hae Ra tried to distance but Moon Soo Ho said, “I think you are hardworking, beautiful, and there is a special attraction for others. How do you not know your own charms? All I see Jung Hae Ra is an honest and beautiful person while smiling.”

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His confession continues. “Do you like puppies?” Jung Hae Ra asked, but Moon Soo Ho replied, “I like you” and made Jung Hae Ra startled. “You said there’s something you want to tell me?” she asked. “I told you, just now,” Moon Soo Ho replied.

Moon Soo Ho’s confession did not stop even until dinner. Jung Hae Ra has something to say to Moon Soo Ho, she made food for him. Both had a dinner and drank alcohol together. Moon Soo Ho asked, “What do you want to say? Is starting today we’re dating?”

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Both of them talking in a pleasant atmosphere, Jung Hae Ra was drunk while drinking wine and said to Moon Soo Ho “Please do not like me. If you like me, do not make me pound. I do not want to get hurt. I do not want to feel angry” with a curious expression Moon Soo Ho asked, “Who is it. Jung Hae Ra, I’m Soo Ho.”

Moon Soo Ho and Jung Hae Ra, are not only surprising with the recognition of sweet love, but also make the audience pound. Especially Moon Soo Ho played by Kim Rae Won, raised his image in drama with beautiful eyes, tone of voice, and deep emotion.

Kim Rae Won shows his charm as a smooth melodrama master with a warm gaze. Their romance in ‘Black Knight’ make audience more curious.