The Military Life of Entertainers Born in 1997, Lee Seung Gi, Yoon Kyun Sang, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho, Joo Won, Top and Seon In Guk

Male celebrities who were born in 1987 and did military service had attracted attention. The male entertainer born in 1987 are Lee Seung Gi, Yoon Kyun Sang, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho, Joo Won, TOP, and Seo In Guk.

In order to get the blessing from his father for a career in acting, Yoon Kyun Sang did military service at the age of 21 years. After the military finished, Yoon Kyun Sang did not give up on his dream and his father allowed him to make his career as he wishes. Then Yoon Kyun Sang made an acting debut.

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Lee Seung Gi, another 1987-born actor had been in the army in February 2016 and just returned last October. Netizens awaited Lee Seung Gi’s presence in the military for a very long time and have many waiting for him. Finally, after military Lee Seung Gi will return with drama ‘Hwayuki’.

Some actors are still undergoing military. Lee Min Ho just started his social service at Gangnam headquarters, Seoul on May 12th. In accordance with the military’s entering system, he did the exercises for 4 weeks.

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This year Ji Chang Wook also underwent military service. He was assigned to the Cheongwon-gun military service training camp, Kangwon-do, Army 3, after receiving basic training for 5 weeks.

May 16 Joo Won departs the military. Although he received special treatment because of his health, he ignored and chose to enter the military as an active soldier. Joowon is currently serving as an assistant military defense officer.

Some of the stars, as mentioned above, should be able to follow the military but can not because of unexpected events.

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Upon entering the military, Seo In Guk was diagnosed with osteochondritis in his left ankle and got an exception. It was revealed, “Sometimes he feels pain in his ankle, but does not think it will become a serious illness.”

Big Bang TOP had received basic training for 4 weeks in February, but he was charged with smoking marijuana during a stint at Seoul metropolitan police station.