‘Black Knight’ Episode 4, Kim Rae Won Kissed Shin Se Kyung to Demonstrate their Past

In the 4th episode of KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Black Knight’ on December 14th, it revealed the relationship between Moon Soo Ho (Kim Rae Won), Jung Hae Ra (Shin Se Kyung), and Sharon (Seo Ji Hye).

Jung Hae Ra said, “I’m not naive enough to think that handsome men and a lot of money will treat women well” she said, then Moon Soo Ho, “I do not have to hide it. I like you,” he replied.

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Jung Hae Ra, “Is that confidence arising from money?” Jung Hae Ra suddenly got angry, Moon Soo Ho approached, “It all comes from the heart” he replied. Then Jung Hae Ra said, “Hey !,” she cried, Moon Soo Ho, “Why did you say ‘Hey’ to me?” he asked.

Because Jung Hae Ra’s words, Moon Soo Ho remembered his first love in the past.

Moon Soo Ho sneaked into Sharon’s office to show Jung Hae Ra’s clothes to her, and met Sharon (Seo Ji Hye). Upon hearing Moon Soo Ho’s voice, Sharon again saw Soo Ho in the present day and sheds tears.

On that day, Moon Soo Ho went to Sharon’s office and wanted to order clothes for Jung Hae Ra.

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Sharon was touched by the reunion 200 years ago with Moon Soo Ho. Moon Soo Ho asked Sharon to make clothes for Jung Hae Ra. Sharon shed tears when she met Moon Soo Ho again. Sharon, “Your voice is still the same even when born again. I’ve been waiting,” said an unknown word. However, Moon Soo Ho called the name “Honey,” to Jung Hae Ra whispering.

Jang Baek Hee showed a past life between Jung Hae Ra and Sharon around Moon Soo Ho. Sharon who is a rich woman, married to Moon Soo Ho who is someone from a famous family. But Moon Soo Ho is in love with Jung Hae Ra.

Moon Soo Ho invited Jung Hae Ra’s friends, “I came to Korea to meet with Jung Hae Ra. I will take Hae Ra because of his father,” he decided to save Hae Ra. They know if Moon Soo Ho is Hae Ra’s brother as a child. Moon Soo Ho, “Hae Ra’s dad used me as a useful tool,” he said and Jung Hae Ra ran out in anger. Jung Hae Ra’s father used Moon Soo Ho which makes the relationship between them less good.

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Meanwhile, Jung Hae Ra was angry because she thought he has deceived her. So Moon Soo Ho told Jung Hae Ra, “I want you to find out. Actually I cursed you,” he said, Jung Hae Ra,” Are you happy? Are you happy to see me poor,” she said, Moon Soo Ho, “My heart hurts. I’ve been waiting in the palace for years. More than 10 years,” telling the castle where they went together in Slovenia.

Moon Soo Ho told Jung Hae Ra, “There are three prizes,” he said. The first is Jung Hae Ra will get the old house back, the second is to let Jung Hae Ra and do whatever I want to do.

Moon Soo Ho mentioned the third prize, “That day, I owe you,” he said and kissed Jung Hae Ra.