From ‘Show-Con’ Up To ‘Fan-Con’ Wanna One Becomes New ‘Monster’ of Fan Meeting

Starting from ‘Show-Con’ to ‘Fancon’, ‘Rookie monster’ WANNA One ended this year by spending a special time with their fans.

Wanna One will be performing the first domestic fanmeeting of ‘Wanna One Fan-Con’ in Seoul and Busan in December and spend the greatest year with the fans.

Image Source : YMC Entertainment

Fan-Con is a combination of fanmeeting and concerts. Wanna One, made an unusual debut with ‘Premier Show-Con’ which is a combination of showcase and concert, and is determined to continue her unique journey towards fanmeeting.

Wanna One is scheduled to perform ‘Wanna One Premier Fan-Con’ at the Olympic Park SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium for three days, from December 15th through December 17th. In this 4th Seoul Fan-Con event, fans will see the never-before-seen Wanna One appearance, announcing a 360-degree viewable stage from the viewers’ seat in this fanmeeting event.

In addition, for Korean fans who have been awaiting from the first fanmeeting, events such as photo zones and booths will be opened and can only be seen on this show.

Wanna One will heat Busan after a three-day performance in Seoul. Wanna One is scheduled to perform another show at BEXCO, Busan on December 23-24. In particular, the show in Busan coincides with Christmas, thus raising fans’ high expectations as Wanna One and Wannable will spend Christmas together.

Meanwhile, Wanna One will hold a ‘Premier Fan-Con’ after it finishes with a performance in late 2017 music programs such as KBS, MBC, SBS.