Jonghyun’s Last Message Revealed “Torturing Depression”

SHINee’s Jonghyun’s last message was revealed. “I’m out of my mind. The sadness that slowly tortured me finally picked me up and I cannot beat it,” Jonghyun wrote. Nine9, a member of rock band Dear Cloud on the 19th revealed the death message of Jonghyun, “After a discussion with Jonghyun’s family, we decided to release his last message,” Nine9 wrote on Instagram.

Image Source : ELLE

“I thought it’s easy to be a doctor, blaming my character in a gentle voice. Why is this so torturing. Among the living people, no one lives as difficult as me.

“Why am I looking for trouble. How many times have you told me. Why do I have a hard time. Is it okay if I get hurt because of it? Does it require a more specific drama? Do I need more stories?

“The world does not know my life. That’s why I’m hurt. It’s hard to know. Why did I choose this? It is funny. That’s what I do” it suggests that the daily life of celebrities known to the public is painful.

“What more can I say. Tell me I did well. Say it’s good I can get this far. Say I’ve tried hard. Even if you cannot smile when letting go. Do not blame me. I’ve been trying. I have tried. Farewell.” That’s the content of Jonghyun’s last message.