‘Hwayuki’ Released Lee Seung Gi’s Wounded Face

The drama ‘Hwayuki’ released still-cuts of Lee Seung Gi with a wounded face, so viewers predicted his role as ‘Action O Gong’.

Image Source : tvN

Lee Seung Gi star in the latest weekend tvN drama ‘Hwayuki’ which will premiere on December 23rd. In this drama, Lee Seunggi plays Son O Gong, a gangster in opposition to Okhwang Sangje. Lee Seung Gi demonstrates Son O Gong’s enchanting charm with a unique arrogance with his stupidity and is expected to return to the screen after three years.

Lee Seung Gi gets a lot of attention with the look of his wounded face. Son O Gong showed tremendous strength with rich and luxurious charm, he carefully touched his wound to make an impression if he was in pain. The duel trail between the gangsters will be revealed which raises expectations of the ‘O Gong action’ that Lee Seung Gi will show.

Image Source : tvN

In addition, his beautiful fashion style and added wounds further transform his transformation into Son O Gong ie a more perfect gangster.

The drama crew said, “Along with the filming process, I’m sure ‘Lee Seung Gi will be like Son O Gong, Song O Gong will be like Lee Seung Gi. Lee Seunggi chooses his own hairstyle to fashion alloys for his transformation into Son O Gong. Lee Seung Gi will create more colorful and funny Son O Gong characters. Please look forward to Lee Sung Gi’s charm with his role as Son O Gong,” he said.

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