Kim So Hyun: “I Want to Praise Myself for Have Been Acting Up to Now”

Actress Kim So Hyun shows her nervousness at the age of twenty.

Image Source : Marie Claire


On December 20, fashion magazine ‘Marie Claire’ released a photo of Kim So Hyun. Kim So Hyun became the model magazine ‘Marie Claire’ edition of the moon Kanuari.

In the released photo, Kim So Hyun shows a fashionable yet feminine fashion with a brown coat, a turtleneck sweater, and a skirt. In addition, Green Belted Coat is very suitable to wear so that it displays an elegant style with natural hairdo.

Image Source : Marie Claire

Kim So Hyun is awaiting the premiere of drama ‘Radio Romance’ which became her first drama at the age of 20 years. When asked about the drama she said, “I am now 20 years old and I want to show the public how I performed a charming character in my first drama at the age of 20 years. I chose a drama with bright energy,” she said.

Image Source : Marie Claire

“I’m more worried about what I can do than fail in acting. I want to give a lot of praise to myself for acting up to now, ” showing hope for her acting at the age of 20.

Meanwhile, other photos of Kim So Hyun can be seen in the January issue of ‘Marie Claire’.

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