‘Black Knight’ Seo Ji Hye VS Shin Se Kyung .. Who is the Real Victim?

Actually, who is the victim? KBS drama ‘Black Knight’ has made viewers bewildered by the evil nature of Seo Ji Hye and Shin Se Kyung. ‘Black Knight’ which aired on the 20th, depicted the previous life of Sharon (Seo Ji Hye) and Jung Hae Ra (Shin Se Kyung). In a previous life, Seo Ji Hye was jealous of Shin Se Kyung who is loved by Kim Rae Won. Seo Ji Hye beat Shin Se Kyung’s face, she also asked her to find the raspberries and then attempted to kill her. But Shin Se Kyung stayed alive and lived with Kim Rae Won.

Image Source : KBS


Seo Ji Hye and Shin Se Kyung’s position is quite understandable. In Seo Ji Hye’s case, even though the maid seizes her master, it will make her better to kill. By reason of lack of success, she must turn a blind eye and have no other choice. So it is with the waiter. She cannot call herself a wife and it is not easy to give her mistresses status. The waiter tried. Have the courage to live life once more in her master’s love, but in the end she has to live the reality.

The second position of women in ‘Black Knight’ is so persuasive. Seo Ji Hye lost her husband, Shin Se Kyung also could not be with the person she loves because of status. Viewers sympathize with Seo Ji Hye. The painful past made her a cold-hearted witch.

Image Source : KBS

The depictions of past and present life are the compositions shown in many recent works. However, ‘Black Knight’ has a good response that links past and present life. The actors have good acting in conveying characters and making viewers sympathy.