Lee Teuk Expressed Sorrowful Words for Jonghyun

Super Junior Lee Teuk expressed his grief over Jonghyun’s death some time ago. “No one can say they know you, no one can say close to you and no one can share it with you,” wrote Lee Teuk on his Instagram account on the 25th.

He added, “loneliness and anger, there is no way to express sadness, I have to think a little about what I said to others.”

Image Source : Instagram


“It was more heartbreaking when I could not hold his hand. The burden is too heavy for an entertainer, you have traveled a long way to let go of one thing. This is a painful thing.

“Before your departure, you came to me in a dream, saying I should be happier with a smile. Everyone has trials, sickness, and suffering but how big it is cannot be counted, the emotions felt in this situation are the most difficult.

“I’m also depressed, every day is hard because I think it’s better to die than breathe. It’s hard for me to look that way in the military, for almost a year I’m having a hard time. Would be a bit better if having a small escape that could be a relief.”

Image Source : Bazaar

“The miracle of Christmas feels deeper. It is more important to live happier. May you all have a special day like Christmas,” Lee Teuk said.