‘A Korean Odyssey’ Episode 2, Lee Seung Gi and Oh Yeon Seo Gave Stunning Performance, Will It Attract Fans Back?

On the 25th tvN’s drama ‘Hwayugi’ episode 2 aired again. Earlier, on the 24th drama ‘Hwayugi’ was postponed due to an imperfect CG problem. Moreover the broadcast was stopped when episode 2 has not finished yet.

That day, the completed CG section and the end were running normally. Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) was told that Jin Sun Min (Oh Yeon Seo) is destined to become Samjang. He told her to look after her and find a way out. Son Oh Gong is on Jin Jin Mi’s side to look after her.

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Jin Sun Mi is caught by a yellow eye monster in the photo, Son Oh Gong goes to the photo to save her. Son Oh Gong finds Jin Sun Mi with his lotus flower, and with Jin Sun Mi, both run off from a yellow eye monster. King Woo Ma (Cha Seung Won) who is troubled by Son Oh Gong, burns his picture so as not to get back into the world.

Son Oh Gong and Jin Sun Mi are shocked by the same situation as when they see the future. Jin Sun Mi said she had seen this happen in the shop, and Son Oh Gong asked to tell him what she did. Jin Sun Mi kissed Son Oh Gong’s lips and he was shocked. At that time, the geumgang given Jin Jin Mi made her in pain. Son Oh Gong realized he would suffer if he did not obey Samjang.

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To get out of the photo, he needed Samjang, Son Oh Gong gave a memory when told his name. He gathered his strength and sent her back to the world. King Woo Ma is satisfied when he finds Samjang safe and Son Oh Gong lives in another world. But Jin Sun Mi injures himself to bring Son Oh Gong, spills blood and triggers the return of the demons. In a dangerous moment, he shouts the name of Son Oh Gong, according to Son Oh Gong’s agreement will come to save him.

In this late-aired episode also shows why the broadcast could not be aired on the 24th. In episode 2, Jin Sun Mi and Son Oh Gong do their first kiss, their romance shows good progress.

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In the midst of a series of incidents, the drama ‘Hwayuki’ again picked up the hearts of disappointed viewers, then attention focused on whether the drama’s popularity would stabilize.

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