Lee Jong Suk starred in drama ‘Hymn of Death’

Actor Lee Jong Suk has confirmed his role as the main lead in SBS’s drama ‘Hymn of Death’. It is a drama where Lee Jong Suk showed his affection and support the most and it is expected that he will be loyal to the director of this drama.

Lee Jong Suk will play a role of a genius Joseon man named Kim Woo Jin. He will play a melodramatic and touching role with the main woman character named yoon Shin Duk. Viewers just couldn’t wait to see his acting and put a high expectations on Lee Jong Suk who is known for his breathtaking acting skills.

image source: Lotte

This special drama by SBS ‘Hymn of Death’ is directed by a famous director. Lee Jong Suk gained a lot of support and attention last year through his role in ‘While You Were Sleeping’ that was directed by PD Park Soo Jin.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk celebrated his debut through the “LEE JONG SUK [DREAM WITH US] events. He donated the benefit of the events for charity and for the children public services.