Lee Jun Ho X Jung Ryeo Won x Jang Hyuk confirmed to appear in ‘Greasy Melo’

The main characters of the newest drama ‘Greasy Melo’ is now completed.

Lee Jun Ho, Jung Ryeo Won and Jang Hyuk confirmed their appearances in the newest SBS drama entitled ‘Greasy Melo’.

image source: SURE

Lee Jun Ho is also known as ‘Bond Son’, the best chief that responsible for great quality of food and once worked in a Chinese restaurant. He is very selfish and self-centered.

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Jung Ryeo Won will play a role of woman who was born Chaebol with interesting hobby that turned her interest to cooking. Eventhough she is the daughter of the rich family, she also felt the hardship and the feeling of being left out by her family.

Image source: ELLE

Jang Hyuk will play a role of a man who spent his 5 years in jail as the consequence of fraud and violence. He is now an ex-gangster and he owned a building that everyone called ‘Number 2’ and he is currently rebuilding his life after bailing out from jail.

‘Greasy Melo’ is a story that set on the some restaurant kitchen in the central area where everyone worked together like a grasshopper that is thrown to the heated wok to survive. This drama is going to tell you story about love, work, and food.

This drama is set to air on 30 April after SBS ‘Should We Kiss First’

The current program will be followed by ” Kiss Me First ” on April 30.