‘Little House in the forest’ released its first posters, So Ji Sub x Park Shin Hye voluntarily isolated

The newest entertainment program by tvN recently released posters of So Ji Sub and Park Shin Hye who live in a small house in the middle of the forest.

‘Little House in the wood’ is a program that showed an off-grid life where it’s far cry from the busy city.

image source: tvN

The posters showed So ji Sub and Park Shin Hye with the background of trees and a forest. They’re searching for happiness in the off-grid life where they are only surrounded by a complete nature. The Posters also showed the two of them living alone without a help of others that gained a lot of attention from the viewers.

image source: tvN

The posters also showed a beautiful dan breath-taking scenery of Jeju Island.

‘Little House in the Wood’ is set to air at 6th of April on 9,50 pm (GMT+)

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