Park Shin Hye became a top actress through the role of young Choi Ji Woo

Park Shin Hye played a role of young Choi Ji Woo on 2001 in the drama ‘Stairway to Heaven’ that successfully shakes the viewers’s heart, especially when she reached the age of her 20s.

Park Shin Hye’s first drama was a ‘Stairway to Heaven’ where Park Shin Hye played a role of young Choi Ji Woo named Han Jung Seo. Park Shin Hye who wanted to become a singer back then successfully passed the audition when she met the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ production team. Park Shin Hye had a limited experiences in acting back then but naturally adapted well with the situation and positively took the young Han Jung Seo role in that drama. Through that drama, she became the main child actress in SBS that year. Since then, Park Shin Hye’s career as an actress has begun.

Image source: SBS

Park Shin Hye then played a role as Go Mi Nam in SBS ‘You Are Beautiful’ on 2009 and successfully became the Hallyu star. At the same time, Park Shin Hye played two roles and that is a woman and also a man who gained a lot of attention of viewers.

image source: SBS

After that she became very populer on 2013 through her role as Cha Eun Sang on SBS ‘The heirs’. ‘The Heirs’ gained a lot of attention from viewers and successfully reached 20 percent of viewers rating. Park Shin Hye also receiving a lot of love in Asia through her drama ‘The Heirs’ that strengthen her status as a Hallyu star.

Image source: SBS

Park Shin Hye who had started her career as an child actress has now become an adult. She has appeared in a few dramas such as SBS ‘Pinocchio’, ‘Doctors’, and also became the main attention of public that year. Besides drama, Park Shin Hye also tried a few characters and genres such as ‘Cyrano Agency’, ‘Miracle in cell no.7’, ‘The Royal Taylor’,’My Annoying Brother’ and ‘Heart Blackened’,

Park Shin Hye is now starring in PD Na Young Suk’s newest program ‘Little house in the wood’ where she showed her other side of entertainer. Park Shin Hye who appeared in ‘Little house in the wood’ that aired on 6th april successfully gained attention through her unique charm and her strong appearances in ‘Three Meals a day’.