Hyun Bin Park Shin Hye “’Memories of Alhambra’ will start its shooting soon, Spanyol Go”

Actress Park Shin Hye is currently promoting tvN’s newest drama entitled ‘Memories oh Alhambra’ which she will be the main lead along with Hyun Bin.

Park Shin Hye was having a talk with her fanst through V App Naver Special Park Shin Hye x Haepibin relay project that aired on 18th of May. First, she was asked about will she ever return to the forest again.

image source: V App

Then she later answered, “I will not return to the forest again. The filming is over but there are a lot of things yet to be revealed so I hope you will watch and wait for it” she said.

When asked about “When will you go to Spain?” she answered, “I will go there real soon, but first I have a few schedules I have to do before I left for Spain.” She said, before adding “I’m currently preparing my heart and also my mental for this drama”.

image source: V App

Park Shin Hye gained a lot of attention from her fans after announcing that she will play the main role in ‘Memories of Alhambra’ along with Hyun bin. This drama told a story of a CEO named Yoo Jin Woo who visited Granada in Spain for business trip. But then he got involved in various strange things after he ran into the owner of the old hostel named Jung Hee Joo.

This drama is a collaboration of PD Ahn Gil Ho who is known for his work ‘Secret Forest’ and also writer Song Jae Jung who is known for his works ‘Nine times travel’ and MBC ‘W’.

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