‘Choi Min Hwan ♥’ Yul Hee, “A great family”… We will live happily

An ex Laboum member, Yul Hee shared a picture of her small family.

Yul Hee posted her pictures along with her husband Choi Min Hwan and their first-born in her Instagram on 4th of june.

Image source: Yul Hee Instagram

Previously, Yul Hee’s husband, Choi Min Hwan said through his Instagram on 28th of May that “on 18th of May, our first child has born. During the birth I cried a lot… I am so happy. We weill live well! Thank you for the best wishes and support” he said.

Image source: Yul Hee Instagram

Choi Min Hwan also stated on 10th of May that he will held a wedding ceremony in 19th of October this year recovered along with the news of Yul Hee’s pregnancy. At that time, Choi Min Hwan said that he was planning to held a wedding ceremony later as he waits for her wife to fully recover. However the registration of their marriage has been completed and the two of them is legally married.

Meanwhile, Yul Hee retreated from Laboum in last November.