Park Shi Hoo x Song Ji Hyo starred in ‘Lovely Horribly’… Chemistry that shines

Drama ‘Lovely Horribly’ has completed its thrill through the combination of actor Park Shi Hoo and Song Ji Hyo that will bring out a new type of romcom drama with a touch of horror.

Drama KBS ‘Lovely Horribly’ that is set to air later in August will tell a story of a man who is a top star and a woman who is a writer.

Philip (Park Shi Hoo) and Eul Soon (Song Ji hyo) were born on the same time but the two of them seems to have a totally different fate. If one of them is happy, the other one will be sad. Philip is a top star that blessed with good looks and lucks meanwhile Eul Soon is a scriptwriter who is always unlucky. The two of them will get into a thrilling love story. Especially since there are various strange things happen around them that adds the thrill to this drama.

image source: K-Wave

Park Shi Hoo who has recorded a 45.1% viewers rating through ‘My Golden Life’ and Song Ji Hyo who is known for the queen of romcom has become the talk of the town after the two of then confirming their role in this drama.

Park Shi Hoo will play the role of a man who can do and get everything he wants and blessed with good fortunes in life and he will face an unexpected challenge as soon as he reached 34 years old.

image source: Chic Magazine

Song Ji Hyo has been loved through her performances starting from entertainment program, drama to Movies and she will play the role of Eul sOon in this drama, a woman who as always gloomy and the icon of unlucky despite her bright expression.’Lovely Horribly’ is set to air in KBS later in August.