‘Along with the Gods: The last 49 Days’ confirmed its release date on 1st of August… The release of its first opening poster

The second chapter of movie ‘Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds’ will be released on the 1st of august in Korea this year!

A movie ‘Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds’ has successfully grained 144 million viewers and became the most powerful box office and it has announced that it will return with its sequel entitled ‘Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days’ on the first of August in Korea.

image source: Lotte Entertainment

The movie ‘Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds’ that was released last year gained a lot of attention and love from the viewers not only in Korea but also overseas. This movie slightly gives off a different vibe from other Korean movie that had been made. This time, the movie that successfully captured the viewers heart will return with its sequel in this summer thanks to the popularity of its first chapter. The opening teaser poster of this movie that showed the release date of this sequel captured a lot of its fans attention since it kind of gives off a different vibe and a different world from the first movie. The hidden secret between Kangrin (Ha jung Oh), Hae Won Maek (Joo Ji Hoon) and Deokchun (Kim Hyang Gi) and also the performances of Su Hong (Kim Dong Wook) has been loved by the viewers and they just couldn’t wait to see the thrill in the second chapter.

‘Along with the Gods: The two Worlds’ has become one of top Asian box office in Taiwan, Hong Kong and also a few other countries such as North America, Australia, Singapore and also Vietnam.