‘Office Look’ in drama… Classy Chae Jung An vs Neat Park Min Young

Recently a very competent Secretary has become the main attention in the screen.

Chae Jung An who is a secretary of a famous lawfirm and Park Min Young who is the main lead of tvN’s newest drama ‘Why Secretary Kim’ has successfully captured the viewers’ attention.

Chae Jung An is a 13 years veteran secretary in a lawfirm where legendary lawyer Jang Dong Gun works. Park Min Young who play the role of Kim Mi So is the legendary secretary and the only one who can please Park Seo Joon, a perfectionist Vice chairman of a company.

To show their professionality, not only capable to match up their sense of fashion, they also capable of clearing the task through their ability, knowledge, judgments and their amazing sense.

Now let’s see the differences of office look between the two women that sucesffully gained the viewers attention.

Chae Jung An

The character Hong Da Ham which played by Chae Jung An in drama ‘Suits’ is a very powerful and confident character. Her characteristic showed through her ways of putting on clothes that is way too colorful with lots of pattern.

image source: KBS

Chae jung An only chose to wear dark color when he is wearing a blouse either full colored or with pattern. Her style showed off a classy yet an interesting sense of fashion which she preferred clothes with many colors and patterns and her office look has gained a lot of praises from the viewers.

Chae jung An showed her professionality as she wears a long shirt and a blazer and she gains an extra point because she is successfully match-up her colorful clothes, uniquely.

image source: KBS

Chae Jung An is a secretary and a long-friend of Jang Dong Gun and has been supporting him in drama ‘Suits’. But Park Min Young has a tight structure with the vice chairman Park Seo Joon. Park Min Young is a secretary of a vice chairman of a big company that always match up her office look with a stick to something ordinary look even when she is meeting the people outside her company.

Park Min Young

Park Min Young choose a natural and simple tone to tone color that almost resemble her appearance.

image source: tvN

When she is wearing a beige colored shirt, she will match it up with an ivory or pink colored skirt and she will only wear a red skirt to match up her upperwear which has the lighter color.

image source: tvN

Park Min Young chose the H-Line Skirt, blouse and a cozy looking color that showed off her neat side. Blouse with a unique shaped buttons is also one of the prominent attraction in her office look.

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