Park Bo Gum, will he be able to return after 2 years of absence through ‘Boyfriend’?

Park Bo Gum who has been absence for two years since October 2016 since her drama KBS ‘Moonlight Drawn by the Cloud’ has been known through his activities in commercials, brand event and even his good image as an artist but it is hard for his fans to see his performances lately.

He also got a lot of offers in a few works but now the attention is focusing on whether Park Bo Gum will be able to return to the main screen or to the small screen.

Drama ‘Boyfriend’ is currently discussing and finalizing their cast. This drama will tell a story of the meeting of a woman who seems to have everything and an ordinary man who has nothing. This might sound like a usual love story but the line up of its actor and actresses are indeed the best in the history.

image source: K-Wave magazine

Park Bo Gum got an offer of a role Kim Jin Hyuk, a man who will met the main female lead named Cha Soo Hyun in his way to part-time working overseas. He might look like a normal guy but he has special and irresistible charms.

Song Hye Kyo is expected to be the female lead along with him in this drama. She is currently discussing the script and considering the role of Cha Soo Hyun, the main female lead in this drama and a daughter of a Seoul Major.

image source: Seolhwasoo

The two of them announced that they’re currently discussing the offer in the drama ‘Boyfriend’ and eventhough their agency keep saying that this drama is currently being reviewed, the production team of this drama said that this drama has finalized its cast.

Park Bo gum will return to the small screen after two years and the fans are already waiting for him. Now he will return as the lover of Song Hye Kyo and the viewers are curious whether his appearance in drama ‘Boyfriend’ can steal the woman viewers heart through his acting ability.

‘Boyfriend’ is expected to choose its broadcasting station later this year.

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