SBS newest dramas that will air in July

In July, the small screen will also be heated up along with the summer. This is caused by the broadcasting companies that are going to compete against each other through their new dramas.

SBS who has a total big changes. A few of its newest dramas are ready to replace the old ones.

SBS will start to prepare the first broadcast of ‘Let Me Introduce Her’ which will its first drama in July replacing ‘Secret Mother’ in 14th of July. This drama will tell a story of a woman who lost her memories because of the after effect of the plastic surgery and she struggles to retrieve her memories.

Nam Sang Mi has returned to the small screen after her appearance in ‘Chief Kim’ after one year and a half with the main female lead role. Nam Sang Mi will play the role of a victim of the failure of plastic surgery aftermath named Eun Han who lost her memories after her changes.

image source: SBS

Kim jae Won and Cho Hyun Jae was chosen to be the main lead along with Nam Sang Mi. Kim Jae Won will play the role of a plastic surgery specialist who will met Eun Han named Han Kang Woo meanwhile Cho Hyun Jae will play the role of Ji Sung Gi, a creepy character and also a news anchor.

Later then the other actor from other genres such as Lee Mi Suk and Han Eun Jung and Lee Dae Yeon and Kim Roe Ha will be involved in this drama.

image source: SBS

Next is the new drama entitled ‘Thirty but Seventeen’ and also the new drama ‘Dear Judge’ that will be released in 23rd and 25th of July. ‘Thirty but seventeen’ is a new drama that tell a comical-themed story of a woman in her 30s who woke up from coma with the body of 17 years old woman. The meeting of Yang Se Jong who is known through his drama ‘The Temperature of Love’ and Shin Hye Sun who become the popular actress through drama ‘Life in Gold’ has made the viewers anticipating this drama.

image source: SBS

‘Dear Judge’ is directed by Cheon Sung Il and tell a story of a bad judge named Han Kang Ho who will judge the trial based on his practice law. The young actors such as Yoon Shi Yoo and Lee Yoo Young will appear in this drama.