’Prometheus’ production fee cost 30 Billion, Jin Goo confirmed his role… Full of action drama with Ha Ji Won

Actor Jin Goo (38) officially joined Ha Ji Won (40) in the new drama entitled ‘Prometheus’.

The production team of this drama stated in 13th of July that “Jin Goo will be the male lead in the drama and he will do the full action scenes as a spy with Ha Ji Won in drama ‘Prometheus’”

image source: bnt

Jin Goo will play the role of Park Hoon, a former member of North Korean Embassy in Moscow, Russia that has to face a bitter fate. Ha Ji Won will play the role of Chae Eun Seo, the leader of South Korean National intelligent agent and also the leader of a team for a mission to North Korea.

image source: Vogue

‘Prometheus’ is a drama that is estimated to cost 30 Billion won for its production fee and it tells a story based on the international situation which denuclearization is currently become the hot topic in the inter-Korea Summer and also the North-American Summit.

This drama is set to air by the end of this year.