Jeon Ji Hyun, “candid pictures are different too”… unveiled the taken pictures for pictorial shooting

The candid pictures of Actress Jeon Ji hyun has been unveiled.

Recently an online community posted a picture of Jeon Ji Hyun’s pictorial with the title ‘Candid pictures of Jeon Ji Hyun” and “The daily life of Jeon Ji Hyun”.

In the released photo showed candid pictures of Jeon Ji Hyun as she was filming the pictorial. She showed her charisma and looking all flawless and charming through her pair of navy suit and her pink-colored small handbag.

image source: Rouge & Lounge

In another picture, Jeon Ji Hyun was seen wearing a grey colored coat that matched her big burgundy colored bag which is the hottest item this season.

image source: Rouge & Lounge

Jeon Ji Hyun’s collections of pictures is available in Hyundai G&F Rouge and Lounge 2018 FWG which she is the brand ambassador. The rest of the picture will be released to public through H Fashion Mall in 9th of August.