Jo Jung Suk and Yoona join forces… The filming of action disaster movie ‘EXIT’ has begun

The action disaster movie ‘EXIT’ which Jo jung Suk and Im Yoona starred in has begun its filming.

image source: CJ Entertainment

‘EXIT’ is an action disaster movie that tells an emergency situation where a man named Yong Nam (Jo Jung Suk) who was celebrating the 70th birthday of his mother has to escaped the town that has been contaminate by the poisoning gas. Yoona will play the role of Ui Joo who will help Yong Nam to save his mother. Go Doo Shim will play the role of Hyun Wook, the mother of Yong Nam. Park In Hwan will play the role of Jang Soo, the father of Yong Nam, Kim Ji Young will play the role of Jung Hyun.

image source: CJ Entertainment

‘EXIT’ which is currently busy filming is expected to air in summer next year.