“Prettier than Flower” The legendary wedding dress of all the ★

The wedding of the stars has always become the hot topic in Public. Especially the beautiful wedding dress of the stars that always successfully interest al the women. Here are the list of the beautiful wedding dress worn by the stars which voted by the public.

image source: Lua Entertainment

Kim Tae Hee ‘A Simple Mini Dress’

The wedding between the singer Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee has become a hot topic in the public especially because of the beautiful mini dress that Kim Tae Hee wore. In the private wedding ceremony, Kim Tae Hee gave off an elegant atmosphere through her own style. Her simple mini wedding dress radiates the beauty of Kim Tae Hee.

image source: Song Hye Kyo Facebook

Song Hye Kyo ‘Elegant and Luxury dress’

Song Hye Kyo who recently got married to the actor Song Joong Ki, her partner in drama has gained a lot of attention through her beautiful wedding dress that doesn’t look fancy but luxury. Song Hye Kyo’s wedding dress is a collection of a luxury brand and was designed exclusively for Song Hye Kyo.

image source: Culture Depot

Jeon Ji Hyun ‘Main point of Glamourous Dress’

Jeon Ji Hyun wore two different wedding dress, one for the press conference and one for her main wedding ceremony. In front of the reporters, she was looking elegant and charming with her long white dress and the colorful beads meanwhile in her main wedding ceremony, she showed off a luxury and elegant vibes through her wedding dress that showed her collarbones. Jeon Ji Hyun also captured public attentions through her wedding dress that she wore for her pre-wed pictorial.

image source: MS Team Entertainment

Lee Min Jung ‘Lace decorations vs Simple Tube Top Dress’

Lee Min Jung who married actor Lee Byung Hun was wearing two different wedding dress, one for the press conference and one for the main ceremony. In press conference, she was wearing a long wedding dress with lace decoration and hair ornaments and in the main ceremony, she showed off her elegant charms through her simple tube top wedding dress.

image source: Thebyjune

Kim Ha Neul ‘Lovely Charms’

Kim Ha Neul who was married in 2016 also showed off her elegant vibes through her wedding dress. It is known that the dress was made by the famous designer in Europe. Kim Ha Neul’s wedding dress is a simple tube top dress with colorful beads that showed off her lovely charms.