Park Seo Joon, ‘Why Secretary Kim’ → Currently working on ‘Lion’…The broad shoulders

Actor Park Seo Joon has begun working on his new movie ‘Lion’ after tvN ‘Why Secretary Kim’ ended.

Park Seo Joon posted a picture of him along with Woo Do Hwan and Ahn Sung Gi with the caption “Lion The Divine Fury’ in his Instagram in August 15th.

image source: Park Seo Joon Instagram

In the picture, Park Seo Joon showed his broad shoulders and perfect posture with his black colored shirt and white pants.

image source: Lotte Entertainment

Park Seo Joon has begun filming for his newest movie ‘Lion’ as soon as the end of the drama ‘Why Secretary Kim’. The movie ‘Lion’ tells a story of a man who lost his wife and this is a work which is directed by Kim Joo Hwan who is known for his successful work that captured 5.65 million viewers attention last summer through his movie ‘Midnight Runners’.