Song Seung Heon x Krystal ‘Player’, ‘Breathtaking’ since the first meeting

Drama ‘Player’ that will air in 29th of September finally held their first official meeting.

The production team of the new OCN drama ‘Player’ unveiled the script reading practice that was attended by the main leads including actor Song Seung Heon, actress Jung Soo jung, actor Lee Si Eon and Tae Won Suk.

image source: OCN

Drama ‘Player’ is a action criminal themed drama that tells a story of the best player in various fields such as con artist, best driver, hacker and also the best fighter who become one in order to collect the money illegally. The con artist, the best national driver, the genius hacker and also the best fighter will join forces and make a return as the criminal.

image source: OCN

In the script reading, the supporting actors, director, scriptwriter and also actor Song Eung Heon, Jung Soo Jung, Lee Si Eon, Tae Won Suk and also Kim Won Hae and An Se Ho were seen attending the site.

image source: OCN

After returning for about a year through drama OCN, Song Seung Heon was seen smiling at the camera with a bright smile and created a friendly atmosphere. He also said that “I can’t wait to join the ‘Player Team’ and make a good and fun drama to watch”. Song Seung Heon in the site was seen focused and immersed in his role as the con artist which is the main lead in this drama.

Jung Soo Jung who will play the role of the best driver Cha Ah Ryung was also seen focused on her script.