The representative of Gummy “Wedding pictorial with Jo Jung Suk in Jeju Island? It was held privately”

Gummy representative has spoken up about her wedding with Jo Jung Suk.

A media reported in August 20th that Jo Jung Suk and Gummy just did a pictorial for their wedding in Jeju Island in the end of July last month. According to the media, the two couple did their pictorial privately and secretly as they wished to hold a low profile and private wedding ceremony.

image source: Cosmpolitan

The agency of Gummy stated that “It is true that the two of them decided to get married this year but there is no further decision has been taken or discussed since the two of them wanted to hold a private wedding ceremony” they stated.

Then they added, “The two of them haven’t decided on the detail plans of their wedding because Jo Jong Suk is busy filming while Gummy is preparing for her national tour”.

image source: Esquire

Meanwhile, Gummy and Jo Jung Suk has been dating for five years and received a lot of congratulations on their wedding news that they have planned to elope in the second half of this year.