‘Hymn of Death’ Lee Jong Suk x Shin Hye Sun, A dark romance of young people

The love story full with tragedy has been unveiled.

image source: SBS

The new SBS drama ‘Hymn of Death’ that will air for the first time in 27th of November tells a true story of a drama writer during the Japanese colonization in Korea named Kim Woo Jin. He is a married man but he fell in love with Yoon Shim Duk, Korean first soprano singer. This drama based on the true story of the tragic romance between Yoon Shim Duk and Kim Woo Jin.

image source: SBS

The two main characters are none other than Lee Jong Suk (who played the role of Kim Woo Jin) and Shin Hye Sun (who played the role of Yoon Shim Duk) as they will show the tragic love story between the main characters in this drama.

image source: SBS

The first teaser of drama ‘Hymn of Death’ was released in 13th of November. This is the second content of the drama that has been released after its first poster. Drama ‘Hymn of Death’ has finally unveils its story and mysteries that made the viewers expectation high on its first episode.