EXO, dominating the end-year music stage through ‘Love Shot’

Group EXO returned to the music stage and dominating the end of this year with their new album ‘Love Shot’.

EXO release their fifth album entitled ‘Love Shot’ through various online music sites in 13th of December at 6 in the evening local time.

image source: SM Entertainment

This repackage album include four new songs including the main song called’ Love Shot’ which is full of charm and RnB beat, the song ‘Trauma’ which showed each colors of EXO members and the song ‘Wait’ which perfectly blend the acoustic guitar along with the vocal harmonization of EXO members.

The main song called ‘Love Shot’ is a pop dance song with strong beat along with the addictive chorus and its lyrics relayed the message of putting our trust in the real meaning of true love that has become something rare nowadays.