Looking At Park Bo Young’s Best Hairstyle

With her petite body, adorable face, and sparkling eyes, actress Park Bo Young has the charm that makes everyone falls for her. She looks even more adorable with her new hairstyle, so now let’s take a look at her other hairstyles!

Long Hair

Image source: OhBoy!

Long hair with bangs is her favorite hairstyle. She looks really feminine with this hairstyle.

Short Hair

Image source: tvN

Two years after ‘Oh My Ghost’, Park Bo Young is back to greet the audience through ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ with her new appearance. Her curly short hair makes her look even more adorable!

Pony Hairstyle

Image source: tvN

This hairstyle gives her a clean look that often she wears on several occasions. It also matches with every accessories and outfit.

Messy Bun Hairstyle

Image source: Facebook

Park Bo Young seems to like this hairstyle a lot because she often does her hair like this. Her bangs also make her face doesn’t look too small.