‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’: Ahn Min Hyuk Tries to Get Rid of Gay Rumors

The latest episode of ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ showed the rivality between Ahn Min Hyuk and In Gook Doo.

Image source: JTBC

In Gook Doo, who’s worried about Bong Soon, told her to live in Ahn Min Hyuk’s house. In the end, Gook Doo also decided to stay in Ahn Min Hyuk’s house. Thus, the three of them lived together now. Ahn Min Hyuk said “Let’s stay awake. None of us feel safe here.” Somehow, Min Hyuk and Gook Doo ended up having a competition in billiard, archery, drinking, and others.

On the next day, Min Hyuk received another threat from the unknown blackmailer. The situation got worse because the rumor of Min Hyuk being gay had somehow spread out, which caused Ainsoft’s stock price to fall drastically.

Image source: JTBC

Do Bong Soon accompanied Min Hyuk to the Ahn family house to ask for help. Instead, Min Hyuk suddenly announced that Bong Soon was his girlfriend. “We’re going to give you grandchildren soon.” Min Hyuk intentionally did this to get rid of the gay rumor.

On the other side, the serial killer felt hurt because Do Bong Soon could defeat him. The serial killer told the women in his dungeon that he would look for another girl soon. It seemed like he was planning to kidnap Bong Soon. The episode ended with the serial killer pulling off his mask in a pharmacy and deciding who was going to be his next target.

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