Ji Soo Holds a Fan Meeting with Fans in Seoul

Last Saturday, actor Ji Soo held his second fanmeeting, titled ‘Unspeakable Story’.

The actor brought a lot of his personal belongings on stage in this fan meeting. He gave the belongings to some of his fans.

Image source: Prain TPC

The concept of this fan meeting is ‘a visit to Ji Soo’s house’, that’s why the actor shared his belongings. Ji Soo started the fan meeting by sharing stories, one of them was how he his dream to be an actor started.

Nam Joo Hyuk, Ji Soo’s best friend, also came to the fan meeting as a special guest. Together, they recited some famous scenes from Ji Soo’s dramas.

Image source: Prain TPC

Fans were also reminded a lot to tvN’s variety show ‘My Ear’s Candy’, the show in which Ji Soo once starred in, because in this fan meeting, Ji Soo communicated with some of his fans using phones. They also gave nicknamed to each other. Ji Soo’s typical voice made the fans’ hearts beat faster. Ji Soo’s effort to get closer to his fans deserve an award for his sincerity.

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