Lee Dong Gun is Considering an Offer to Play in ‘Seven Days Queen’

Actor Lee Dong Gun is currently considering an offer to play in KBS’ upcoming drama ‘Seven Days Queen’. The actor has been offered the role of King Yeonsangun.

The character of King Yeonsangun is a King who could rule the palace, but could never get the love of any women.

Image source: Arena Homme

The main focus of ‘Seven Days Queen’ is actually the love story between King Jungjong and Queen Dangyeong, whose reigning period is only seven days long, the shortest in the history of Joseon Era. This drama will be directed by PD Lee Jung Sub of ‘Bread, Love, and Dreams’, ‘Healer’ and ‘My Lawyer, Mr. Jo’.

‘Seven Days Queen’ is set to air in May to replace ‘Queen of Mystery’.

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