Taecyeon Talked about His Upcoming Military Enlistment

Ok Taec Yeon, who’s going to enlist in the military soon, recently sat down for an interview.

On April 3, Taecyeon did an interview for his movie ‘House of the Disappeared’. Among other things, the actor revealed his feelings about his upcoming military enlistment. “Of course there’s a feeling of worry,” He said. “But I prefer to think of it as something fun and satisfying to do.”

Image Source : Little Big Pictures

Born as an Korean-American in 1988, at 19 Taecyeon came to Korea to train under JYP Entertainment. He debuted in 2008 as a member of 2PM. Taecyeon made his debut as an actor by acting in ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ (2010).

After a few years, Taec Yeon finally took off his American citizenship. Now he’s preparing himself to enlist in the military. Regarding his decision to undergo conscription in Korea, “I think it’s important, so I could come and go peacefully as a complete Korean citizen. When I’m married and have children, I want to be able to tell them proudly that I’m a Korean.”

Image Source : Vogue Girl

However, the actor then revealed that the exact date for his military service has not been decided yet. “Should I go this year? I have not decided on the date,”