Daesang Actors, the Reason for SBS’ Glory in Monday-Tuesday Dramas

The newest SBS drama, ‘Whisper’, which has just premiered last week, managed to rank first in Monday-Tuesday drama slot. SBS consistently topping Monday – Tuesday drama slot with its three dramas: ‘Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim’, ‘Defendant’, and now ‘Whisper’.

Image source: SBS

The biggest reason for SBS glory is the main actors of those dramas. The appearance of Han Suk Kyu, who played Teacher Kim in ‘Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim’, scored the drama 27,3% rating. The actor himself won a Daesang award in 2016 SBS Year End awarding event.

Image source: SBS

Ji Sung, the main actor of ‘Defendant’, also received a Daesang for his performance in MBC’s 2015 drama ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’. In ‘Defendant’, his brilliant acting brought the drama 29,7% rating.

SBS’ current Monday – Tuesday drama is starred by Lee Bo Young, the actress who brought ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ 26,7% rating in 2013. The actress, who’s Ji Sung’s wife, is also predicted to win the Daesang award this year. The two of them are now dubbed as the ‘Daesang Couple’.

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